My Great List Of Links !!

Kentucky Genweb: A Link to all the counties in Ky
US Genweb: A link to all the States in the US
Mark and Cyndi's Homepage: A Wonderful site for genealogy lovers !
Top Genealogy Sites: This is a site that can't be missed !
The Goodman Family Tree: My husbands family line from Kentucky.
Daugherty Generation: My family lines from Ireland to Kentucky
Ashby Family: The decendents of Jesse Ashby l
Burden Line: The decendents of James Burden
My Taylor Page: My Taylor line starting with Abraham Taylor
The Olive Tree Genealogy Homepage: Wonderful page!
The Will of Thomas Ashby: This is the Will of Cap. Thomas Ashby 1680-1752
Cemetery Listings: Some Cemetery Listings from different counties. These are not complete lists.
The Huff Connection: Genealogy
The Willoughby Homepage: Genealogy
Steven Johnson Cemetery List: A Site to help people find their Ancestors burial sites
Cemetery List: More cemeteries in Grayson, Ohio, and Butler Co. in Ky
Genealogical Journeys In Time: Great Genealogy Links and Information
Our Genealogy and Leisure Time Index: Site created for Curt and Bonnie Strawn-Miller
REUNIONS: Local reunions in Ohio , Grayson, and Butler County
SERMONS FAMILY: My husband's line of Sermons from PA
BMD Certificates: We locate and obtain UK (England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)
The Ohio County Genelogical Society: Website with information about the society


I started doing research on my family tree a few months ago. I have to give credit to a few people who helped me along the way. Laquita Armstrong was a great help to me on my Daugherty and Taylor lines. Douglas Daugherty from Butler Co is a source in himself. Carole Southerland from Butler Co. has given me information on my Burden lines. Vicki Spencer is another cousin I found on the internet who has been so helpful. Some of these people have links on my page.

I have other information on the surnames, DAUGHERTY, BURDEN, TAYLOR, WILLOUGHBY, LINDSEY, AND HUFF.


Some of my information is not on my pages because they are not in the direct line. Just E-mail me if you have information and want to trade.