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James Burden , of English ancestry , was born about 1740 in New Jersey and died in 1806 in Nicholas County , Kentucky, where his insteresting will is on file. The name of his first wife is unknown. She died in Maryland. James Burden married secondly, Mary Brain of Virginia, who died in Nicholas County, Kentucky, in 1808. They arrived in Kentucky in 1785 and settled in Nicholas County. He had 19 children by two marriage.

James Burden and 1st wife's children:

Charles Burden b. 1763 New Jersey , d. 1836 Nicholas Co. Ky. Name of wife unknown. She was born in Va. 1815. Charles served in the Revolutionary War as a ranger on the frontier in Capt. John Hardin's Co. , Westmoreland Co. Pa. Militia and later in Capt. Wm. Perry's Co. under Col. Wm. Crawford in the campaign against Sandusky in 1782. His records can be found on file in vol. XXXIII, Pa. Archives, 3rd series , pp. 229, 321, 335.

John Burden b. New Jersey , d. 1819, Butler Co. Ky. Name of first wife unknown. 2nd marriage Catherine Elms in Butler Co. Ky. JJohn served with the Ky. riflemen in the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794.

Son who settled in Ohio.

Samuel Burden b. New Jersey. Wife unknown. Settled in Pulaski Co. Ky but left there after 1810. Served in the Revolutionary War, Samuel served in Capt. John Hardin's Co. ,Westmoreland Co. Pa. militia.

Elijah Burden b. New Jersey. Settled in Pulaski Co. Ky. d. 1836. Married Ann Scott in Shenendoah Co. Va. 4-2-1794. 2nd Elizabeth Hargis.

Sarah Roxanne Burden b. Maryland, d. in late 1850's Linnn Co. Ore.Married Ebenezer Field 5-20-1799 in Boubon Co. Ky.

Mary Burden b. Maryland. Married 8-28-1806, in Nicholas Co. Ky. Francis Eslick and settled in Butler Co. Ky.

James Burden and 2nd wife Mary Brain had the following Children:

Rev. Benjamin F. Burden b. July 5, 1783 Maryland. d. May 12, 1862. Married Nov. 6, 1801 Nicholas Co. Ky, Elizabeth Tully, dau. of John Tully.

Jemina Burden b. Boubon Co. Ky, d. 1823, Butler Co. Ky. Married June 23, 1810, Nicholas Co. Ky., David Caughey , sson of John and Elizabeth Caughey.

Delilah Burden b. Bourbon Co. Ky., Sept. 12, 1805, Nicholas Co. Ky Married Samuel Eslick and settled in Butler Co. Ky.

Polly Burden b. Boubon Co. Ky., married 1813, Bath Co. Ky., John Jolly Jr. .

Rachel Burden b. Bourbon Co. Ky. Married June 3, 1806, Harrison Co. Ky., Alexander McDaniel.

William Burden b. 1791, Bourbon Co. Ky., d. 1856, married Mary Neal in Johnsonn Co. Mo. 2nd. wife Rosannah M. Payden.

Jane(Jinsey) Burden b. Bourbon Co. Ky., d. 1840's , in Nicholas Co. Ky. Married William Kenton, son of Elizabeth Kenton Apr. 5,1816. He served in the war of 1812.

Martha (Pasty) Burden b. Oct. 5, 1800 Nicholas Co. Ky. d. Apr. 5, 1879. Married John B. Phelps Sept.3,1819.

Eldridge Burden b. Dec. 27, 1802 , Nicholas Co. Ky. d. Jan. 30, 1898. Married Pasty Triplett Oct. 26, 1837.


Benjamin F. Burden b. July 5,1783. Maryland. d. May 12,1862. Married Elizabeth Tully Nov.6, 1801 in Nicholas Co. Ky. They had the following children:

John Tully Burden b. July 10, 1802. Nicholas Co. Ky. d. Feb.17 , 1876. Married Mary Ann Fulkerson Dec. 18 , 1823.

Eli D. Burden b. 1804, Butler Co. Ky. Married Maria Morris July 8, 1830 in Ohio Co. Ky.

Benjamin Burden b. Butler Co. Ky. d. before 1860. Married Nancy A. Daugherty Oct. 11, 1841.

Mariah Burden b. 1805 , Butler Co. Ky d. 1850's Butler Co. Married John B. Smith Dec. 23, 1824.

William A. Burden b. Butler Co. Ky. d. in 1860's Butler Co. Ky. Married 1st Mariah Pearce. 2nd Sept 1 1831, Matilda Smith. 3rd May 25, 1854 Catherine Finley.

Delilah Burden b. 1809 Butler Co. Ky . d. in 1880's . Married Nov. 15, 1829. Ohio Co. Ky to John Allen Coy.

Ahasuerus Burden b. Butler Co. Ky

Gabriel S Burden b. Feb. 10 , 1812 in Butler Co. Ky Died Feb. 4, 1892 in Butler Co. Ky. Married Martha Coy . Born 1818 . d. 1900's

Cynthia Ann Burden b. Butler Co. Ky. Died 1850. Married June 25, 1833 in Ohio Co. Ky to William Harrison Pearce. d. Aug. 6, 1881.

Jemima Burden b. 1815 in Butler Co. Ky. Married Sept. 12, 1833 in Ohio Co. to John Green. 2nd Wm. McCandless.

Martha Burden b. 1817 in Butler Co. Ky. Married Aug. 22, 1837 in Butler Co. Ky to Matthew Daugherty.

Isaiah Burden b. Sept. 10, 1818 in Butler Co. Ky. died May 10, 1860 in Butler Co. . Married 1st Oct. 10, 1837 in Ohio Co. Ky to Susan Pearce. 2nd Nov. 23, 1859 in Butler Co. Ky to Dortha Wall.

Elizabeth Burden b. 1821 , Butler Co. Ky. Married May 14, 1840 in Butler Co. Ky to Phillip C. Pearce.

Rev. Garrett Wayne Burden b. 1823 in Butler Co. Ky. Married 1st Apr. 7, 1846 in butler Co. Ky to Nicey Ferguson. 2nd Dec. 8, 1859 in Butler Co. Ky to Mary McCandless b. 1833 in Hardin Co. Ky.

Alfred D Burden b. June 10, 1843 in Butler Co. Ky. Married Cynthia. 2nd wife Mary Pharris.

America Jane Burden b. Butler Co. Ky. Married June 10, 1843 in Butler Co. Ky to Robert A Dockery.

Harriet Lena Burden b. Feb 28, 1828 in Butler Co. Ky. Died 1862 in Butler Co. Ky. Married Feb. 1845 in Butler Co. to Robert Henderson.


Gabriel S Burden b. Feb. 10, 1812. Died Feb. 4, 1892 in Butler Co. Ky. Married Martha Coy . She was born 1818. Died in the 1900's. They had the following children:

Benjamin Fulton Burden b. 1834 in Butler Co. Ky. Died Oct, 31, 1889. Married July 15, 1853in Butler Co. Ky to Parsetta Keith(b. 1836 in Sumner Co. Tenn. d. Sept. 7, 1883) dau of Isaiah Keith and Tabitha Embry. Benjamin served in the 91st Ind. Inf. Civil War.

Eliza Jane Burden b. 1836 in Butler Co. Ky. Died April 24, 1858. Married James Cook.

William A Burden b. 1838 in Butler Co. Ky. Married May 8, 1858 in Ohio Co. Ky Mary Catherine Daugherty.

Sarah Ann Burden b.Feb. 29, 1840 in Butler Co. Ky. Died Dec. 18, 1927 Fern Daugherty.

Isaiah Burden b. Aug. 3, 1845 in Butler Co. Ky.

James Alford Burden b. Feb. 15, 1846 in Butler Co. Ky. Died July 26,1921. Married Nov. 14, 1863 in Butler Co. Ky Celette Daugherty. 2nd June 18, 1866 in Butler Co. Ky Angelity Keith. 3rd Mar. 3, 1882 inn Butler Co. Ky Martha P Lindsey. 4th Jan 9, 1900 in Ohio Co. Ky Frances C (Daugherty) Kimbly.

Mariah A Burden b. 1848 in Butler Co. Ky. Died Jan 9, 1900. Married Sept. 20, 1864 in Ohio Co. Ky John Sidney Daugherty.

Gabriel M Burden b. 1849. Married July 28, 1871 in Butler Co. Ky Margaret Daugherty.

John B Burden b. Apr. 1854 in Butler Co. Ky. Married July 5, 18871 in Butler Co. Ky Mahala Swift.

Jasper Burden b. Aug. 3, 1855 in Butler Co. Ky.

Martha A Burden b. Oct. 19, 1858. Died Dec. 14, 1859.

Elizabeth Burden b. Oct. 19, 1858. Died Dec. 16, 1859

Robert Burden b. 1862 in Butler Co. ky. Married June 21, 1880 in Butler co. Ky to Angerone Flener.


Benjamin Fulton Burden and Parsetta Keith had the following children:

Gabriel M Burden b. 1854 Butler Co. Ky. m Oct. 6, 1894 Butler Co. Martha D Burden.

William J Burden b. Aug. 21, 1856 Butler Co. Ky d Mar 1857.

Mary E Burden b. Apr. 3, 1858 Butler Co. Ky. d. 1859

Anarpa Burden b. 1861 Butler Co. Ky m Nov. 7, 1877 Butler Co. Ky. James E. Daugherty. m 2nd James Howerton

Marlin B Burden b. 1861 Butler Co. Ky d. July 23, 1929 m. 8-23-1886 Butler Co. Sylvania Jane Howerton.

Isaiah Burden b. 1869 Butler Co. Ky m Apr. 14, 1884 Ohio Co. Ky Martha Burden.

James C Burden b. Mar, 3, 1868 Butler Co. Ky M. Martha Lidona Burden 2nd July 8, 1924 Elrita Embry,

Artila Burden b. May 1870 Butler Co. Ky d. 1956 m. Oct. 26, 1890 But. Co. John Lindsey.

Armeda Burden b. 1872 But. Co. Ky

Benjamin Fultonn Burden b. Aug. 3, 1876 Butler Co. Ky m. June 2, 1904 Siothy Raymer. 2nd Oct. 12, 1912 Ohio Co. Ky Rosina Pharris m. 3rd Sarah Kessinger

Wiley Burden b. Oct.29, 1876 d. young

Elizabeth Burden b. 1881 But. Co. d. Dec 1, 1881

Martha Palestine Burden b. July 3, 1882 But. Co. Ky m. Feb. 1, 1900 But. Co. Ky Leslie Lindsey


Marlin B Burden and Sylvania J Howerton children:

Clarence Burden b Mar 22 1888 Butler Co. Ky m. Jan 2 1914 But. Co. Mishie Bratcher.

Alva Burden b June 2 1890 But. Co. Ky d Oct 20 1956 m Jan 29 1914 But. Co. Lizzie Burden.

Mary Ann Burden b Feb 1892 But. Co. m Nov 13 1909 McLean Co. Ky Martin Daugherty.

Martha Ellen Burden b May 10 1896 But. Co. Ky m Feb 13 1919 But. Co. Ky Benjamin Lindsey.

Woodford Birch Burden b Dec 18 1899 m Velma Dockery 2nd Jan 31 1920 But. Co. Bessie Burden 3rd Apr 10 1963 Bertha Embry.

Everett Burden b July 5 1902 m Sept 27 1922 But. Co. Ky Mary Ann Daugherty.

Edgar Burden b Feb 1 1905 But. Co Ky m May 9 1927 Ohio Co. Ky Zona Smith

Estill Burden b Mar 30 1909 But. Co. m Oct 23 1937 McLean Co. Ky Ora Fern Scalf.

Lillian Burden b Butler Co. Ky d in infancy

James Frank Burden b Oct 18 1911 But. Co. Ky m Aug 15 1936 Ohio Co. Ky Rena Ann Fulkerson

Gertrude Burden b Jan 26 1914 But Co. Ky d July 16 1940 But. Co. m Feb 16 1939 But. Co. Barney Burden.


Alva Burden and Lizzie Burden had the following children:

Lillian Burden b.Nov. 29, 1915 d. Dec. 7, 1978. Married Wiley Burden Apr. 28 , 1938.

Flossie Burden b. Mar. 9, 1918. d. July 21, 1996. Married Baymus B Daugherty July 7, 1934.

Shelby Burden married Lucille Hibbs

James Carl Burden married Blanch ?

Lorene Burden married Morris Nance.

Vivia Burden married Holis Whitaker.

Vina Burden married Milbern Reneer.

Urma Burden married Wesley Evans.

Mervel Burden married Don Clark.

Alma Sue married Nassett.


Flossie Burden and Baymus B Daugherty had the following children:

Mary Elizabeth Daugherty b. July 9, 1950. married Bradley Lee Howard Dec. 1965 . b. Nov. 13, 1945.

Naomi Ruth Daugherty b. Oct. 22 , 1951. married Joey Lee Goodman Nov. 28, 1968. b. May 17, 1947.

Rachel Rebecca Daugherty b. Aug. 6, 1953. d. Aug 3, 1956.

Baymus John Daugherty b. Feb. 8, 1955. married Kathy Ann Howard July 21, 1971. b. Dec. 27, 1958.

Rachel Mae Daugherty b. Mar. 22 , 1962. married Lee Williams . b. Nov. 29 , 1961.

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